About us

Devito Codes Ltd is the commercial arm of the open-source platform Devito. Products and services include:

  • DevitoPRO License Agreement (includes maintenance and support)
  • Performance optimization for client computer architectures, clusters and Cloud
  • Bespoke software development projects
  • Consultancy
  • Training

Board of directors

Gerard Gorman, CEO and co-founder

Gerard Gorman Gerard has a PhD in computational physics from Imperial College London where he is currently a Reader in Computational Science and Engineering and Director of the Applied Computational Science and Engineering MSc in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London. He has more than 20 years experience in high performance computing, numerical modeling, inverse problems, code generation and compilers.

Fabio Luporini, CTO and co-founder

Fabio LuporiniFabio has a PhD in Computer Science from Imperial College where he worked on compiler technologies for mathematical modeling software - specifically floating point reduction algorithms and data locality optimizations for finite-elements within the open source software Firedrake. Fabio is the lead software architect of Devito and has more than 8 years experience working on the boundaries between computer science, high-performance computing and mathematical modeling.

Paul Holzhauer, Director of Business Development and Strategy and co-founder

Paul Holzhauer Paul Holzhauer is responsible for developing the business strategy for Devito Codes, Ltd. Previously he developed and led the Nvidia Oil and Gas Team to help the industry and geoscientists to do more science for the 13 years prior to joining Devito Codes, Ltd. Paul has spoken around the world at conferences on the application of GPU technology to extracting value from seismic data in order to reduce uncertainties, to improve the accuracy of reservoir predictions, and to mitigate the risk associated with expensive drilling and production activities. Prior to Nvidia, he held various positions at AMD, Halliburton, EDS, and a few startups, as well as working 15 years at Sun Microsystems, all spent developing the oil and gas market. He began his career as an ALC programmer for a utility company, and thereby quickly understood the potential value of computing. He holds a B.S. in Quantitative Mathematics from the University of Houston.