Devito Codes on the road to IMAGE 2023

Celebrating another successful year

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DevitoPRO at IMAGE 2023

Devito Codes, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), takes great pride in specializing in Devito, an open-source Domain Specific Language (DSL) crafted for optimizing finite-difference operators used in RTM and FWI. Our enterprise solution, DevitoPRO, is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates simulation, inversion, and optimization by automatically generating tuned parallel software for various architectures, including AMD, ARM, Intel, and Nvidia. Primarily targeting the field of exploration geophysics, DevitoPRO seamlessly blends ease of use with high performance, drastically reducing development time from months to days, and ensuring performance portability across various computer systems.

Engaging at IMAGE 2023

We’re eagerly looking forward to engaging with the community at IMAGE 2023 this year. The past year has been filled with excitement, innovation, and substantial growth in both the open-source Devito platform and our enterprise product, DevitoPRO.

Our collaboration with processor manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel has been instrumental in optimizing Devito and DevitoPRO on all major CPUs and GPUs. We also actively work with Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure to benchmark and optimize containerized deployments with Devito. Our approach has been collaborative and forward-thinking, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

Year Highlights Since IMAGE2022

Key Features and Updates

The Devito compiler has seen an impressive array of enhancements, fixes, and new features:

1. Compiler Enhancements and Fixes:

Many improvements cater to various compiler capabilities, including compatibility with different processors, optimization enhancements, and more.

2. Parallelism and Synchronization:

Focus on augmenting parallelization, blocking, and synchronization logic to boost efficiency.

3. GPU Support:

Numerous enhancements for AMD, Intel and Nvidia GPUs.

4. Buffering and Memory Management:

Revisions to buffering logic and memory handling functionalities.

5. Code Generation and Linearization:

Refinements to enhance code manipulation and efficiency.

6. CSE and Optimization:

Robust improvements in Common Subexpression Elimination and other optimization strategies.

7. Testing and Documentation:

Comprehensive updates to ensure code quality and thorough documentation.

Enhancing support for parallel processing and high-performance computing.

9. Miscellaneous Improvements and Fixes:

General enhancements to improve functionality and user experience.

10. Docker Updates:

Optimizations to the Docker environment for a seamless development experience on different platforms.

11. Architecture and Other Enhancements:

Broad support for various processors and technologies, along with general improvements in data handling, benchmarking, profiling, and more.

The above changes represent a considerable evolution of the Devito compiler, encapsulating efficiency, compatibility, GPU support, parallelism, memory management, testing, and robustness.

Recent Updates to DevitoPRO

A brief rundown of the substantial advancements in DevitoPRO includes:

About Devito Codes

Devito Codes is dedicated to pioneering solutions in the realm of computational imaging, in particular in the field of exploration geophysics and ultrasound imaging. DevitoPRO is designed to optimize and automate the generation of finite-difference kernels. With a focus on high performance, high-level abstractions and user-friendliness, we are committed to reducing development time while enhancing cross-platform compatibility and performance portability. By working closely with the community and industry leaders, we are continually shaping the future of computational geophysics. We invite you to connect with us at IMAGE 2023 and explore the exciting possibilities that Devito Codes has to offer!