DevitoPRO getting HIP with AMD Instinct™

Devito Codes announces new collaboration with AMD

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Devito is a domain-specific Language (DSL) and code generation framework for the design of highly optimized finite-difference kernels for use in simulation, inversion, and optimization. Devito utilizes a combination of symbolic computation and compiler technologies to automatically generate highly optimized software for a wide range of computer architectures.

Previously Devito only supported AMD GPUs using OpenMP offloading. Thanks to Devito Codes’ new collaboration with AMD, we quickly extended the Devito compiler support HIP for AMD GPUs. This resulted in a substantial uplift in performance, achieving competitive levels of performance with comparable architectures.

This is exciting news for our users who use Devito in high-performance computing and data-intensive applications, including seismic imaging (Fig 1) and medical imaging (Fig 2).

Generalised Algorithm and Implementation of Topography Within Finite Difference Wave Solvers
Fig 1: Seismic waves propagating in the subsurface and interacting with complex topography1
FWI applied to brain imaging
Fig 2: Using FWI techniques to image through the skull using ultrasound2

Devito is easy to use and reduces the development time of high-performance code from months to days. While performance is invariably critical once the software goes into production, the overwhelming feedback from the academic and industrial user communities is that reducing cycle time has the greatest material impact on business.

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