S-Cube integrates DevitoPRO for performance-portable innovation

Performance-portability for XWI

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At Devito Codes, we take pride in fostering collaborations that push the boundaries of technological innovation. Our ongoing work with S-Cube exemplifies how synergy between companies can drive advancements in computational science. Through this collaboration, we have harnessed our strengths in developing high-productivity, accurate, and performance-portable wave propagators using DevitoPRO, while S-Cube has developed several cutting-edge algorithms for seismic imaging, such as XWI (X-Wave Full Waveform Inversion). XWI boasts superior predictive power, enabling more accurate subsurface models in complex geological settings. Implementing these innovative algorithms on top of the DevitoPRO framework ensures they are performance-portable across all major CPUs (ARM64 and x86_64) and GPUs (AMD/HIP, Intel/SYCL, Nvidia/CUDA), providing complete flexibility and efficiency in diverse computational environments.

Enhancing Wave Propagation Technology

Devito Codes has consistently delivered state-of-the-art solutions for wave propagation problems, emphasizing productivity and accuracy. Our operators are designed to be performance-portable, ensuring they can run efficiently on all major CPU and GPU platforms. This flexibility is crucial in the dynamic landscape of computational geophysics, where adaptability to different computational environments is vital for optimizing time-to-solution, price-to-solution, and as a means to overcome hardware supply constraints.

In collaboration with S-Cube and AWS, we benchmarked DevitoPRO operators on a wide range of AWS SKUs so price performance could be accurately estimated before running any seismic imaging processes. This enabled S-Cube to optimize the efficiency of seismic workloads on AWS.

DevitoPRO is also enabling S-Cube to quickly develop the next generation of elastic wave solvers to extend their existing state-of-the-art seismic imaging algorithms. Rapid innovation in these areas is essential to improving the accuracy and efficiency of characterizing complex geological formations. We achieve performance-portability and accelerated innovation in seismic data processing by combining DevitoPRO code generation capabilities with S-Cube’s innovative inversion algorithms.

The Power of Collaboration

Working together, Devito Codes and S-Cube have demonstrated that collaboration can lead to breakthroughs that would be challenging to achieve independently. Our joint efforts have resulted in a suite of tools that enhanced S-Cube capabilities and brought DevitoPRO to a wider range of companies.

Achievements Through Partnership

The collaboration between Devito Codes and S-Cube is a testament to what can be achieved when companies work together towards a common goal. It underscores the importance of combining expertise from different domains to tackle complex challenges. This partnership has not only enhanced our technological offerings but also provided valuable insights that will guide future developments.

At Devito Codes, we are committed to continuing our work with a diverse range of service companies, cloud vendors, and hardware providers. Our goal is to ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation, providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving industry.

By fostering such collaborations, we aim to contribute to the advancement of computational science and its applications in geophysics and beyond. The success of our partnership with S-Cube is a clear indication that, working together, we can achieve remarkable results and drive the field forward.